Buying and selling domains with Matt Wegrzyn (Bodis.Com)

The dream of being a boss at a young age – rarely exist, however Matt Wegrzyn is only 22 and such concept is his reality. His genuine desire for the Internet began at the age of 15, where he was a developer within the website ColdFusion.

Matt Wegrzyn - Bodis.ComComplex issues occurred, as he was a developer of ColdFusion, these issue helped form ideas within him. From the age of 17, he started his journey in becoming a domainer.

His role as a domainer is presently notice via his website His first step as a domain began as he started buying the domain of forums, considering the fact that forums regarding technology and the internet are areas that he aims to dwell in within his own website.

Investors aren’t always easy to find, neither are banks that are looking to give loan money to a teenager.

In Matt’s case, his parents became his bank by loaning money to him in the early days of


Currently, his domains are roughly worth a six-figure number. began in January 2007, and is present till this very day. This website is currently a 3 in 1 systems for people with domains. The system basically helps, sell, buys and park domains.

Good researching helps an individual, to have a stronger mind frame of what needs to be done within their area.

Matt personally taught himself regarding marketing, which helped, sharpened his entrepreneurial skills. His beginnings were small, yet he believed on the concept of never giving up, This is his advice for upcoming entrepreneurs.

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