Go Daddy Collapsing 72354 Domains Transfered Due to SOPA Support

A simple decision can send you down, Go Daddy team is now very much aware of that fact. More than 72354 domains have been transferred from Go Daddy in protest against the company’s support for the SOPA bill which is currently in Congress.

Even though Go Daddy came out to reverse there stance on the SOPA bill, many of their customers are still transferring domains from them. Things are not going well with Go Daddy at all. in fact, the companies representatives are even taking to the phones to beg you to keep your domains with the company.

It looks like these PR moves to save face, and business, are completely futile. According to TheDomains, 21,054 domains were transferred away from Go Daddy on Friday alone. At $6.99 a pop, that would make for a loss of $147,167, not taking future renewals into account. The day before wasn’t a good one for the company either, with 15,000 people taking their domains elsewhere. That means that even though Go Daddy changed its stance, people have had enough.

In just five days, Go Daddy has realized that the customer is the boss. The company id not effected by the SOPA bill though many of their customers will be affected if it becomes a law. T Here are the number of domains moving away from Go Daddy this week alone:

Monday (8,800)
Tuesday (13,000)
Wednesday (14,500)
Thursday (15,000)
Friday (21,054)

Even though the company came out to reverse their position on the bill, they have not yet written to the congress to show their disapproved for this bill which many of their customers would want.

The bad news for Go Daddy began on social nyetworks like Reddit where their was a strong call for people to boycott Go Daddy, many people who commented promised to transfer their domains from Go Daddy with many promising to transfer as many as 1000 domains.

But some people say that 72354 is Not even close. It’s a drop in the bucket. The have anywhere from 15,000 to 40,000 domains added daily. Despite cries from the internet, yesterday was a good day with over 32,000 added. Go Daddy has not felt much pain yet. The “PR nightmare” that many of us in the tech industry perceive is happening to them hasn’t hit their pocketbooks in any real form, yet.

However with the increase in pressure which has even let to the creation of website which are specifically related to the destruction of face book like http://godaddyboycott.org/, the company is surely on its heels fighting for survival

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