Create a Viral Article That Spreads Like a Wildfire!

Want to create a viral article that sweeps across like a bushfire? Want to see this resulting in increased traffic to your website? We all desire for more daily visitors to our website than the Statue of Liberty! We want to write an awesome article that generates a tremendous interest to the readers and hence visit our website. The strategies that most successful Article Marketers have used lies in THREE important elements:

1. Don’t Write a Title, Write a Killer Title:

A powerful title will attract readers to your article like a magnet. A title that reflects the WANT of your prospects. Prospects who are within your niche. It is better to grab the attention of 1000 people in your niche, 5% of whom go on to read your article than 5,000 people with hardly an interest in your niche.

We know there are loads of articles out there with “how to” and “list” headlines, so how do you create an attention-grabbing Title that really makes you stand out?

Consider the following Approaches:

  • “Little Known Ways to [Blank]” – This is an intriguing way to talk about your niche, for example “Little Known Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bills” or “Little Known Ways to Increase Your Metabolism (and lose weight)”
  • “Who Else Wants [Blank]” – Starting a Title with “who else wants” is a time-honoured social proof strategy. It implies that there is already a desire and consumption for what you’re offering. This works like clockwork. For example “Who Else Wants to Earn More Money”, “Who Else Wants to Save Money on Their Energy Bills”
  • “[Do Something] Like [World-Class Example] – People like to be inspired by others’ achievements, and then focus on aiming for something for themselves. For example “Speak Russian Like an Ambassador” or “Make Money Like Warren Buffet”.

2. A Viral content: Your content is your platform for generating the intrigue and curiosity of the reader.

This content should be informative, entertaining yet original. How unique is your service/product compared to those of others? What should captivate the readers to accept what you have written? Creates the feeling of addressing what your reader WANTS.

Research and find out what is the most searched topic in your niche. Then read the articles already published and see where there is a real shortage of information (or demand) and then put together your article. create a content that is so engaging to the readers that they won’t be able to take their eyes off your article!

3. A Power-punching Resource Box:

This is what drives your readers’ curiosity to click on your website link. You cannot rely on a killer Title with a high quality Content to simply create the traffic flow to your website that you desire. Combing the above two elements with a killer Resource Box is a powerful formula. Its result is to make your article readership go viral. Many articles will talk about the content of what you should write, which is fine. BUT what makes your article a magnet for the readers?

Specific courses are available, but not all courses allow you to discover the secrets of article marketing success. The key factor to making your time worthwhile (and your website profitable) is to find the need of your readers and THEN write about that niche for your readers. In the proverbial sense, you’ll be ‘hitting the nail on its head’ for your customers by identifying their current demands. For more on this powerful combination, feel free to have a look at the link below. It provides one of the most powerful yet simple systems for profitable writing.

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